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Couple missing beloved dog after it ran away following crash in Kendall

MIAMI – A South Florida pet owner has been desperately searching for a beloved dog that disappeared after a crash.

The dog’s owner said it happened after a speeding driver plowed into them on the highway.

Lily is a 1-year-old purebred boxer who grew to be an irreplaceable part of the Espinola family.

“Words can’t describe what she means to us,” said owner Nyah Espinola. “Every single day we say she’s our sunshine, like she’s our emotional support dog.

The crash happened just after midnight Saturday on the Don Shula Expressway, near the Killian Parkway exit in Kendall.

Espinola told Local 10 News’ Terrell Forney the impact from the crash was so strong, it disabled her car and caused it to spin around several times. She said her boyfriend still has bruises on his head and hands.

Lily, startled by the collision, took off.

“She got so scared that she ran as fast as she could into the middle of the highway,” said Espinola.

That was the last time they saw their precious pooch.

The couple has been handing out flyers and offered a reward in a last ditch effort to be reunited with Lily.

They said the silence and dog’s absence around their home was beyond hurtful.

“Please bring her home because we know she loves us as much as we love her,” Espinola said.

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