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ICT’s Product Locator December 2022

This soap system combines the effectiveness of Hibiclens’ FDA-approved chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) 4% solution with GP PRO’s hand soap dispenser. The result is a system that helps improve hand hygiene adherence in the health care environment.

The Hibiclens Antimicrobial Hand Soap System by GP PRO features Hibiclens’ CHG 4% solution inside GP PRO’s automated touchless hand soap dispenser. As part of infection prevention bundles for patient bathing, Hibiclens has demonstrated in study after study that it helps prevent methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, vancomycin-resistant.

Enterococcus, and Clostridioides difficile. Best of all, it is gentle on sensitive skin. The GP PRO is a touchless technology, which reduces cross-contamination and eliminates the potential for hands carrying pathogens from one place to another.

One review of Hibiclens Antimicrobial Hand Soap System comes from Paulina Rodriguez, BSN, RN, an infection preventionist in Abilene, Texas, who shared the following: “My nurses regularly use Hibiclens for handwashing because they know how effective it is at providing a deep and lasting clean, and they love how gentle it is on their skin. Making it available in a touchless dispenser at handwashing stations throughout the health care setting will encourage heightened use, improve overall hand hygiene, and reduce transmission of microorganisms. This is the kind of solution that has the potential to dramatically and positively affect hand hygiene [adherence] and influence a reduction in health care–associated infections.”

Wassenburg Medical Dry 320 cabinets dry flexible endoscopes in a patented, controlled, and safe storage manner while preserving the endoscopes’ washed and disinfected state for up to 30 days. Because the storage period is extended, the endoscopes may be accessed for use in a more efficient and timely manner. The endoscopes are stored vertically in a hanging position, which allows gravity to assist in the drying process. Vertical hanging for endoscopes is recommended by the manufacturers and complies with recommendations from the European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy-European Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates guideline 939. The Wassenburg Medical Dry 320’s patented pull-down positioning system allows users of all heights to position, connect, and remove endoscopes easily without straining. Overall, the Wassenburg Medical Dry 320 is more economical to run, has a smaller ecological footprint, and is built to last.

With over 40 years of serving the endoscope market, Wassenburg Medical has accessories, endoscope storage, and many other products to meet endoscope disinfecting needs.

Actizone F5 by Solvay is a ready-to-use broad-spectrum disinfectant with 24-hour antimicrobial sanitation for hard surfaces. Actizone F5 is residue free on a variety of surfaces and specifically designed to combine cleaning performance and 1-step disinfection of harmful viruses and bacteria. Actizone F5 kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including 99.9% of all bacteria for 24 hours.

SteriTite containers by Case Medical, Inc, are rigid, reusable sterilization containers proven to be more safe, efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. Already competitively priced, the SteriTite container is designed for durability and continuous use and is virtually repair and replacement free. Cleared by the FDA, the SteriTite system with MediTray inserts has the Conformité Européenne marking for all methods of sterilization.

The SteriTite sterilization containers are constructed of anodized aluminum, platinum-cured silicone, and passivated stainless steel hardware. Because of this, they are less likely to have performance issues that could lead to unsuitably processed devices and operating room interruptions.

The SteriTite sterilization container is available as a universal system and is compatible with all medical devices and current sterilizers. The containers have a perforated base for all sterilization modalities. For prevacuum steam and Sterizone low-temperature sterilizations, the containers are available with a solid base.

Case Medical, which is FDA registered, was the inaugural recipient and is the most recent recipient of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award.

Hand hygiene is vital to protecting patients and staff from bacteria and viruses that lead to health care–associated infections. With this in mind, BioInteractions has developed a new company and product. The product, called Primel Skin Protection, is a skin-safe antimicrobial spray based on TridAnt technology, a coating for medical devices. Primel stays on the skin for 2 days and safeguards both the user and every surface they touch from harmful microbes using Kill-on-Touch Technology. It uses biocompatible components, absorbs quickly, and does not need water. It is ideal for use in all health care and sanitation environments in addition to anywhere high levels of hand hygiene are needed.

Building on the success of TridAnt, Primel was founded to advance antimicrobial protection in all patient care environments. TridAnt, developed by BioInteractions, is a revolutionary coating technology for medical devices that incorporates active and passive components to create the first truly nonleaching, effective, safe, and durable antimicrobial coating, which lasts for up to 365 days and helps save lives and time needed for medical treatments. The intended end result is improvement in well-being and reduction in risks to both patients and professionals.”

Infection Control Game is a fun simulation board game and video game that can be used for training, exploring, and discussing infection prevention and control. The game was developed by leading National Health Service infection control professionals. It is based on a simulated ward that has a norovirus outbreak, and the game encourages players to make real-world connections while minimizing infection. Infection Control Game challenges players to figure out how to manage infection and encourages teamwork to improve players’ confidence when managing a real-life outbreak. Some of the issues that players will learn about include warning signs of infection, infection prevention methods, managing an outbreak, the importance of timely communication, and multidisciplinary collaboration. It may be used as an informal activity or as part of more formal, structured training. Infection Control Game requires 6 to 14 players but no facilitator. It has a standard 60 minutes of play time, but sessions can be fitted to the allotted time and tailored for the players’ level of knowledge.

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