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Sunday Dolphins Mailbag: Tua Topics, Baker, Byron Jones, and More

What and where is Jerome Baker’s future with the team? Which defensive players could be targets for Brian Flores in Minnesota? Those and other questions from Miami Dolphins fans.

This edition of the All Dolphins mailbag covers topics ranging from Tua (of course) to Jerome Baker, with plenty others in between.

From Brandon Quinn (via email):

Hello my friend, saw your answer about how we can fix our offense to make it harder to defend (throws outside the numbers). Got me thinking. With all of the next-gen stats available, does anyone track/chart throwing velocity? Is there a measure on how quickly Herbert or Rodgers can get the ball to a receiver on a 5-yard out compared to Tua, for example? Because all I picture when I envision Tua throwing that ball, that’s essential to a two-minute offense btw, is a nice long pick-six…

Hey Brandon, I have to tell you that I’ve never seen that stat anywhere, though I would think it would be available considering they can track how fast players are running on certain plays. Having said that, I think it’s safe to assume that Herbert and Rodgers would be in the top 10 in terms of throwing velocity and Tua would be in the bottom 10 — though there’s clearly more involved in passing success.

Hi Alain, lots of talk regarding Jerome Baker’s future. Personally I’d play him more as an outside linebacker using his speed in more space and rushing the QB where I think he could be productive. With the possibility of AVG leaving in free agency, do you think Baker stays?

Hey Gary, Baker is under contract, so the only way he doesn’t stick around is if the Dolphins release him or trade him. That said, I’m not sure he’s a great fit for the new scheme that Vic Fangio will be bringing in and he does carry a pretty sizable cap number, so that’s something to watch. As for the idea of moving him out, he just doesn’t have the physical traits of a 3-4 outside linebacker and the comparison to Van Ginkel doesn’t really apply IMO.

Hello Alain, PFN likes to put out speculation of trades and moves with a current speculation being the trade of Justin Fields since Chicago has the top pick. He certainly is a versatility upgrade over Tua and adds a few elements (stronger arm, running/scrambling ability) not resident in Tua. He would be a durability upgrade over Lamar Jackson and presently less expensive. something that would be interesting given Ross’ desire to meddle (read tamper) and previous interest in Jackson. As for backups, what about a flier on Baker Mayfield? Or even Matt Ryan if the Colts let him go? Both can start and would be upgrades over Teddy, though Ryan is a bit more statuesque in the pocket. Even going back to Ryan Tannehill could be a good thing with a much better offense surrounding him than when he was dumped. What do you think?

Hey Earl, I’ll be honest, I don’t get the idea of the Bears trading Justin Fields. I mean, the guy was playing tremendous football in the second half of last year. If they do trade him, they’re going to ask for a lot in return and the Dolphins don’t have a lot of draft capital to trade. So I don’t see that one. As for your backup suggestions, I think all three of them would be solid backups, but would they be content with the role and come to Miami knowing that Chris Grier already has proclaimed that Tua will be the starting QB for the team in 2023? I’d personally doubt it.

Hi Alain, with Flores getting the D coordinator job with the Vikings, do you think they’ll make a run at any Dolphins defenders? Is there any player they might trade for or any impending free agents who you think they might value higher than the Dolphins?

Hey Todd, it’s a very interesting point and there definitely are some players I would see Brian Flores looking to reconnect with. The first obvious one is linebacker Elandon Roberts, who’s a pending UFA. Safety Eric Rowe would be another possibility, and if the Dolphins do make a move with Jerome Baker, it’s easy to envision the Vikings going after him.

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