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Trial for man accused of killing ex’s young daughter continues

MIAMI – Testimony continued Monday in the trial of a man accused of murdering a young girl.

Prosecutors allege Miguel Ruiz Lobo tried to make it look like a suicide, all because the victim told her mother to break up with him.

Monday’s testimony focused mainly on video that captured Ruiz Lobo going into and out of the victim’s apartment using a hidden key.

Jurors also got to see and hear video of him being interrogated by police.

The victim in the case is 11-year old Martha Guzman. The state alleges Ruiz Lobo killed Guzman while she was home alone.

Testimony was also heard from the neighbor whose camera allegedly captured the defendant, and the man who installed the security system.

The prosecution said it plans to wrap its case by Wednesday.

That’s when jurors will begin hearing from defense witnesses.

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