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Police North Miami woman throws pot with noodles in it at boyfriend, cuts him with knife

NORTH MIAMI, Fla. – A North Miami woman was arrested Thursday on accusations that she attacked her boyfriend inside their home.

According to her arrest report, Nataliya Vadimovna, 32, told responding police officers that she was having an argument with her boyfriend, who she has been living with for three years at an apartment building on Laguna Circle.

Police said she refused to say anything else, but they saw hand markings on her arm as if someone had grabbed her.

According to the report, Vadimovna’s boyfriend told officers that his girlfriend threw a kitchen pot with noodles in it at him during their fight, striking him in the arm.
Police confirmed that noodles were seen on the floor.

Authorities said Vadimovna then grabbed a knife and cut her boyfriend on his left arm multiple times as he tried to get the knife away from her.

“The cuts left on the victim’s left arm are approximately six inches long in length and still had blood residue,” the arrest report stated.

Police said the victim told them that Vadimovna also struck his head with a water bong as he was walking away from her, leaving him with a bump on the back left side of his head.
A roommate who was there at the time told authorities that he heard the couple arguing and throwing things around. He said he also heard the victim telling his girlfriend to put down the knife.

Vadimovna was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.
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