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Spreading the Word About DeFi Investment, With Luis Alvarado, the Founder of Unlimited Leverage

For Luis Alvarado, a DeFi investment mentor and the owner of Unlimited Leverage, his Latin American roots have transformed into one of the strongest motivators driving his company’s growth. 

Having migrated out of Peru with his parents at a young age, Luis grew up witnessing through his parents the difficulties of chasing the American dream. As a successful DeFi investment mentor, Luis now works to assist people in Peru and other parts of Latin America and the world in accessing through the crypto market financial opportunities that were previously unavailable to people outside the U.S.

“My goal is to be able to become an example to Latinos,” said Luis sitting in a condo in Las Vegas, NV, during a recent video interview. “I wanna show them that you no longer have to come to the U.S. to make it financially.”

Over the past years, Luis has built a thriving career as a DeFi investor and, more recently, as a DeFi investment mentor. With his company, Unlimited Leverage, he has helped hundreds of people worldwide reach financial independence through crypto. His Unlimited Leverage passive-income-accelerator program teaches students how to generate passive income streams that yield up to 500% in annual return.

The rise of the blockchain and the crypto economy made the opportunities for building wealth previously exclusive for people in the United States available for anyone anywhere in the world. Luis has made it his mission to spread awareness about these financial opportunities and help people in Latin America and other parts of the globe achieve financial independence.

“In some industries, you can only help specific people, but with DeFi, I can literally help anybody,” said Luis. “My goal is to amplify my message and continue scaling outside of the U.S. to help anybody become financially independent regardless of where they are in the world.” 

In a recent interview back in January, Luis shared his plans to expand his passive income accelerator program to help more driven investors in more regions of the world dive into the crypto market.

Luis’ Peruvian-immigrant identity has deeply influenced his life mission. He believes that DeFi investment is a door for people to access financial opportunities and make a dignifying living without abandoning their motherlands.

To this day, most of Luis’ family continues to live in Peru, and he maintains close communication with them. After starting his career as a DeFi investment mentor, he wanted to teach his family living in this South American nation how to access the crypto world; thus, he made some of his relatives his first pupils.  

“The blockchain technology has created new tools for everyone from around the world to use; I was even able to teach my family back [in Peru] about investing in crypto,” said Luis. “I told everybody back home that you no longer need to come to the U.S. to make it financially.”

Luis’ immigration story is not atypical. Over two decades ago, his parents migrated to the United States with him and his sister searching for the American dream, like millions of immigrants across history. However, as Luis explains, crypto has democratized those same economic opportunities that motivated his parents to leave their homeland behind and come to the land of opportunities. 

“The idea of the American dream was about accessing capital and financial opportunities to have a better life, but now, those same resources are available for anybody worldwide,” said Luis. “You can have all those same opportunities you would have in the U.S. because of DeFi.”

Luis regrets that more people are not taking advantage of these financial opportunities due to a lack of awareness. Spreading the word about DeFi investment among people in other countries who lack the same opportunities as investors in the U.S. has been one of the most significant motivators in Luis’ career. Today, this goal pushes him and his company forward.

“Why there are no more people into DeFi investment?” said Luis. “It’s because they are not even aware that it exists. That’s why I want to create more awareness.”

At his “Passive Income Accelerator” program, Luis has students from Peru, Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, and an ever-growing list of many other countries.  

Luis has a strong belief that crypto is the key to breaking the economic barriers that have prevented people in developing countries from flourishing. Thus, he is working arduously to expand his brand to help more students in other world regions achieve financial independence.

“Many people don’t know that they can generate all this money completely in auto-pilot,” concluded Luis. “Changing this is a matter of bringing more awareness to what is possible right now.”

By Juan Sebastian Restrepo,  With Artistic Initiative Agency

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