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MTA officials back Hochul’s transit plan amid criticism from City Hall

MTA officials voiced full support for Gov. Kathy Hochul’s proposed budget to wipe away the transit agency’s red ink, with a tax hike on businesses in the region that will bring in more than $800 million dollars a year and a request that the city pay more money to the MTA, roughly $500 million a year.

“If approved, Gov. Hochul’s budget will certainly have a major and very positive impact on the MTA,” MTA CEO and Chair Janno Lieber said.

Hochul is also proposing dedicating revenue from proposed casinos in the city and downstate region, which the MTA estimates will bring in $450 million in 2026.

The MTA is also balancing its budget with a 5.5% fare and toll increase this year, bringing the cost of a MetroCard swipe up to an estimated $2.90.

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