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Verone Jamal wants to grow in conjunction with his company “ITKAGE PTY LTD” and allies

Verone Jamal is looking for ways to grow his partnership in commerce.
Jorge Italia Kamdem, known in his environment as Verone Jamal, is the owner and founder of the successful company ITKAGE PTY LTD, dedicated to the business world.

Verone Jamal, has a professional recognition in the area of trader where he obtains a profitability performing operations of purchase and sale of assets in the financial and stock markets.

Kamdem was born on November 2, 1985 in Central Africa, Cameroon. However, destiny has led him to live in South Africa where he has a complicated profession in which he needs to know how to trade and buy and sell assets with the highest liquidity in the market (stocks, currencies and futures).

The goal of this entrepreneur is to make an economic profit when the operation generates a capital gain in the electronic financial market that is under regulation.

Part of the work of the leader of ITKAGE PTY LTD, led him to have a recognition in society as a personality in his community and country, where he is dedicated to present information and content through his profile on the Social Network Instagram, under the user @VERONE_JAMAL where he interacts with all his followers about his work.

In addition to showing his lifestyle and talk about his profession giving advice to new beginners, regarding the requirement to venture into trading where it is a difficult panomara to enter before the lack of definition in the way where there are few who manage to become responsible traders, who make profits getting more profits than they lose.

The vision of this entrepreneur is to continue growing at an accelerated pace in all areas where his motto means something important: “Winners never give up and quitters never win”. The best way to predict the future is to create it,” he says.

Part of his identification is based on these words for which he has great respect. Verone strives to be a leader in each of the areas in which he works and will continue to mentor new generations of operators entering the industry.

His style of activity is projected in achieving remunerative actions in the face of the growth of people who choose the profession as a way of life. Part of his achievements are thanks to empreder as an entrepreneur lead him to have great steps in his small trajectory of ITKAGE PTY LTD which is solidified within the industry where it requires overcoming in each goal and objective that arises.

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