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Why is Ohio’s approach to legalizing abortion so disorganized and slow? Today in Ohio

Two separate groups announced Monday that they are working to get constitutional amendments passed to enshrine abortion rights in Ohio, setting up a possible vote as soon as November 2023.

We’re talking about what’s taking Ohio so long, and why they aren’t working together, on Today in Ohio.

Editor Chris Quinn hosts our daily half-hour news podcast, with impact editor Leila Atassi, editorial board member Lisa Garvin and content director Laura Johnston.

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Michigan did it immediately, with voters approving the idea in November. Now, finally Ohio has an effort to enshrine abortion rights on the state constitution. Or do we have multiple efforts?.

The photo id requirement for voters looks likely to be the law in Ohio, with a good chance of passing in the next week or two. How does the law compare to photo ID requirements in other states? And how are some of the other proposed election law changes holding up as they move through committees?.

We’ve been pumping out stories in the wake of the MetroHealth scandal that cost former CEO Akram Boutros his job. First, we have some detailed comments from the board for the first time. A lot of people have questioned where their oversight was, in not knowing that Boutros gave himself just under $2 million in secret bonuses. What does the board say?.

Next, Julie Washington took a look at three decades of issues with lax board oversight at MetroHealth. Let’s start that conversation with what happened in 1993.

The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League talked to reporters and editors in our newsroom MNonday about the spike in antisemitism in America. What did he have to say?.

Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish gave his final state-of-the-county speech – pre-recorded – and kept it brief. No awkward videos. Not many lame attempts at humor. And the areas he claimed as successes seem legit,, yes?.

The pandemic put public attention on the need for schools to have high-speed internet. But nearly three years later, a lot in Northeast Ohio don’t. What are the numbers?.

Since as far back as anyone can remember, Giant Eagle has distributed a print flyer for its weekly advertisement, but that era is coming to an end. Why? Do experts think this is a smart move?.

How is horror master Stephen King helping out a new novelist in Northeast Ohio?
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